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08 February 2010 @ 12:48 pm
Song Theme  
Hello there, thank you for being active, as you picked it, we are now starting the first theme, the song one !

The rules are pretty much the same as for the main application :

° Don't apply for a theme if you haven't been stamped for the main application yet.
° You have to wait to be stamped to apply for a theme.
° Vote for at least three unstamped applications before posting yours.
° No bashing.
° Use the application form to be stamped.
° Put your application under a LJ cut.
° Fill your application post honestly!
° To prove that you've read the rules, please put the name of the member you've been stamped as and the name of the theme.
° You will be stamped after 6 votes. Even if a person has 6 votes, you can still vote on their application.
° Have fun !

Application form

Name/Nickname :
Age :
Describe yourself in five words :

Favorite kind of music :
Are you more interested in music or lyrics?
What are your thoughts about collaborations?

Post the links of three applications you voted on :